The Wheel
The Wheel
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The Wheel

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The Wheel


· A reinvention of one of the oldest and most effective principles in magic.

· A complete reading device that you can carry around.

· A system of philosophy and techniques that you can use to genuinely shed light on a sitter's problems.

· A peek box for the devious.

· And (as they say) much, much more.




The basic premise behind 'The Wheel' was to take the traditional 'Talking board' and see how far we could run with it.

Any performer knows the powerful impact of a simple pendulum. It is the original 'self-working effect'. Carry one in your pocket, and you will never be short of something intriguing to demonstrate.

However, with a traditional pendulum and board, you are restricted to a simple - 'YES', 'NO' and 'MAYBE'. Surely, we can do more than this?

There is a well-known principle behind the working of a pendulum - the 'Ideomotor Effect' - often used by 'Sceptics' to 'expose fakery'. If you consider what the Ideomotor effect actually is - there is a potentially wonderful baby being thrown out with the bathwater here.


Principles behind the Wheel:

Therefore, our starting point is to think of the pendulum as a device for contacting the unconscious - the unconscious thoughts that give rise to the ideomotor effect in the first place. We think that a device for communicating with the inner self has some value.

Our second avenue of exploration is to substitute the binary words for concepts. Rather than a simple 'yes' and 'no', we have split the board into areas - each one being a well-known philosophy, or 'self-help' technique (focusing on the ones that actually work).

Each of these polarities of ideas can be used as a starting point for an in-depth reading - a reading that is almost as self-working as the pendulum itself.

Finally, this initial release is focused on performance. Therefore, we have designed what must be the simplest and easiest to use peek device out there. By using the peek, you already know what the question is, before the reading starts.

Flexibility and portability:

The box is small enough to carry around in the tiniest bag, or the larger pocket. You are always ready to give a reading, and present effective techniques that can have a genuine impact. For even greater convenience, the Wheel-cards and pendulum can be carried in any pocket. The peek is by no means necessary; an insightful reading can be evolved from just the cards themselves. The system was devised so that I could always be ready to perform something with depth and meaning.


Flexible and Open ended:

The ideas that inform the Wheel’s segments (or 'stations') are open-ended. Sure, if you are table-hopping, you can present a very quick reading from just using the images and words that do all the work for you. However, each station should be seen as a trigger to a deeper exploration of ideas and techniques, leading to a very deep and fulfilling reading.


***Bonus Routines***

As just mentioned, this is a very open-ended system. Any set of concepts can be put onto a wheel and used in addition to the ones we provide. What about an Astrology Wheel, or an I Ching wheel? (Ideas in the works, perhaps?)

We are also working on a book that will explore (what is for me) the authentic use of the Wheel, as a pure reading device. This will not only cover the concepts in greater depth, and reveal the Wheel's deeper meaning, it will also be an encyclopedia of useful techniques. This will be given free of charge when it is finished - probably at a time that you are ready for it.

Finally, we have created 'sound-texture' files specifically to play as a subtle back-drop for a reading, something to give a suitable ambience to any event. We also have other files that would be suitable for other performance settings (for example, we are working on soundscapes for other of Alchemy Moon's 'greatest hits'). All of this will be free to download and use without any copyright restrictions.

All in all, a complete package that pops right into your pocket and ensures that you are the most interesting person in the room.