The Nine Circles

$ 55.00

The Nine Circles

Delve into the world of Dante Alighieri’s masterpiece The Divine Comedy with Gemini Artifact’s The Nine Circles.

From the spectators perspective:

The performer removes a series of cards, each depicting one of the nine circles of Hell from a drawstring velveteen bag. The performer explains each card and it’s meaning.

He asks the spectator to mentally choose one of the nine circles of Hell. The spectator then takes the cards and shuffles them under the table, or while the performers back is turned.

The cards are then each placed over a lit candle. One by one the cards are discarded into a pile, until a single card creates a blinding flash of fire. The spectator is then asked what circle of Hell was chosen, and when the card is finally turned over it is revealed to be a perfect match.

The above is just one of the routines that can be performed. The above contains fire, which is a perfect theme, however it is not required. Other routines involve and out of control séance, and even a quick table-hopping version. The cards are perfect for an opening séance and those that want to invoke the creatures from below.

The cards themselves are of the highest quality. They are 3.5 x 5 and aged. The 220lb cardstock is of the highest grade and will surely last a lifetime.

  • The spectator NEVER has to say a word.
  • Complete downloadable 6,000-word manual with multiple routines and ideas.
  • Simple to perform.
  • Velveteen drawstring bag included.
  • Full text of The Divine Comedy.

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