First Editions: Dracula
First Editions: Dracula
First Editions: Dracula
First Editions: Dracula
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First Editions: Dracula

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The actual sizing of the text and page layouts are complete, we feel great about the replication of all the pages. It should come as no surprise that we are still dealing with the ramifications of supply chain and staffing shortage that have been brought on by the pandemic.  

We say we are doing everything in our power to complete this project in a timely manner while maintaining the level of workmanship that you would expect from Gemini Artifacts. 




Greetings children of the night.

A quick First Editions update for you.

Below is a sample of the text that we had to create for this project. Notice the reverse text barley visible. Each and every page has to go through this final process. I am sending off the sample page to Dacre for size adjustments, etc.

Once he gives the final ok, I will go through the entire text again to add in the watermarked reverse pages.

After that, it’s a final proof and off to the printer and binder.

Thanks for being patient. This turned out to be a much larger project than anticipated.

Hang in there everyone!




I have no idea how supply chains work or more importantly during this world pandemic how they do not work.

The bottom line is that our efforts to timely reproduce and properly age these two magnificent works of literature, the 1897 UK First edition of Dracula and the 1899 US First edition of Dracula, have been affected by issues somewhere along the line in the production of paper. In our efforts to choose different sources of the very special and rare old style paper we have found that this is a world wide issue.

During our meticulous preparation of materials my Stoker family first UK edition, the one we are  reproducing had to go in for repairs. Although it might sound like a standard milage check up on a car, it is far from that. Over the past 100 years the spine of the book has suffered some tears, and the glue that holds the pages to the spine has deteriorated. I have been on the hunt for an antique book binder who is willing a capable of restoring our family relic properly and at an affordable price.

Each time I loan the book to a museum for an exhibition I am given a loaner fee, I put that money into a savings account for this exact purpose. I had finally accumulated enough money and have found a willing and capable antique book restorer at the Charleston Library Society in Charleston, South Carolina. He agreed to fit me in his small window to work on my book, knowing that we needed the book for reference during this Kickstarter Frist Edition Project. I simply had to jump at this opportunity, the book desperately needed repairs, and sine 2022 is the 125th anniversary of the printing of Dracula, I need to have the book ready to go for a few special appearances in addition to our replication. This process has been completed albeit it leaving us behind our timing to finish this project.

The good news is that the special paper has now arrived so we can get back to work on the printing and aging process. We now anticipate getting these First Editions out to you in time for for 125th anniversary of the original publication of Dracula on May 26 2022. It will be tight,  we are going to pull out all stops without sacrificing quality. 

Apologies all round for us not delivering your First Edition Dracula on our original schedule. 

I offer up, in the way of my sincere apology, some rare insight that I have uncovered pertaining to Bram Stoker’s research and writing of Dracula. This should wet your appetite for your copy (s) of Dracula.

We may never find out exactly what was included in the 101 missing pages of the Dracula Typescript (it starts on page 102) but after careful analysis of Bram’s notes for Dracula, the Dracula Typescript, and various other sources I am convinced that these were in some form part of Bram’s  original story:

  • Count Dracula was originally planned to land in Dover before Bram changed the location to Whitby in Yorkshire.
  • Bram referred to the mental patient as “Flyman” until he settled on Renfield, possible naming him after Renfield street in Glasgow Scotland. This was the name of the street next to the railway station, and the hotel where Bram and Henry Irving frequented while in town to perform at the Theatre Royal.
  • In addition to finding evidence that Dracula’s Guest was once part of the story, Jonathan Harker had a horrifying incident in the Munich Dead House (morgue). He also attended, while in Munich,  en route to Transylvania, the opera  Vanderdecker the legend of the ghost ship, The Flying Dutchman, possible some foreshadowing of the voyage of the Demeter.
  • I am convinced that Henry Irving playing the role of Mephistopheles in the play Faust gave Bram a strong visual reference to a Devil creature for his Count Dracula. I found this reference crossed out of the text on the Dracula typescript illustrating that Bram did indeed visualize Irving in this role as his Count Dracula. “Even then at that awful moment with such a tragedy before my eyes, the figure of Mephistopheles in the Opera cowering before Margarets lifted cross swam up before man and, for an instant, I wondered if I were mad.”
  • Bram’s brother Sir William Thornley Stoker was a famous doctor, head of the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin. He assisted Bram in getting the medical parts of Dracula Here is one of his notes written by hand in the margin of the Dracula Typescript: “As transfusion is performed usually, the blood drawn from one person, and defibrinated before being injected into the other.” This was inserted in the section where Van Helsing and Dr Seward perform the first blood transfusion to try to save Lucy.
  • An Irish researcher recently found evidence that Bram Stoker spent time interviewing “prisoners” in a London jail who were placed there not because of any crime they committed, but because of their mental challenges. I think this was one way Bram prepared to characterize RM Renfield.
  • Bram met Arminius Vambery, who is mentioned in Chapter 18, at a dinner party in the Beefsteak Room of the Lyceum Theatre in April 1890. He is considered a source of information about Eastern European history and more specifically Vlad Dracula lll.
  • Bram’s son Noel Stoker told biographer Harry Ludlam that his father wrote the early chapters of Dracula while on summer holiday while visiting Cruden Bay Scotland the location of Slains Castle





Gemini Artifacts: First Editions is proud to present our first in a series of releases, DRACULA by Bram Stoker. Both the United Kingdom and United States editions are available. These incredible reproductions are as close as possible to the originals. Based on photographs as well as hands on examination of an authentic edition, We have succeeded in recreating the look, feel and even smell of this classic masterpiece. 

The two books available are the 1897 First Edition from the UK and the 1899 First Edition from the USA. Each offering has been meticulously recreated using the finest techniques and materials. Both are available in a non-aged Virgin variant. 

The 1897 UK edition was modeled after Dacre Stokers personal family copy. This edition was given to Charlotte Stoker by Bram Stoker days before the Dracula release date. Inscribed on its end-sheet are signatures by Bram Stoker and its decedents. Pictures and measurements were taken. This edition is the model for our reproduction.

An artist was hired to redraw both covers to give the cleanest image possible. Both editions are antiqued with foxing throughout to represent the look of the original volumes.

Each book goes through a multi-step antiquing process that gives the amazing look of age, but without the warped pages some unrefined methods may produce. 

Finishing touches include a touch of scent as well as simulated dust that produces a puff when the book is closed. No detail has been overlooked. 

This is a pre order item and hand crafted. There is quite a long wait time for this item. Please be aware of a possible 6 month to year long wait before ordering this item.