Tooth Fairie

Tooth Fairie

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Three innocent-looking photographs are placed in a box. When 
the box is next opened, not only are the photographs smeared 
with blood, but they are now accompanied by three bloody teeth.
The story: This old box tells quite a tale. It seems that one 
Joseph Hothingbottom was a traveling dentist around the turn of 
the twentieth century. He went from city to city in central and 
southern Ohio, treating patients with the standard filling and 
extraction of teeth.

In the fall of 1901, the State Dental Board received a number of 
complaints regarding Doctor Hothingbottom’s services, or lack 
thereof. The board investigated, finding among the doctor’s 
supplies and equipment this box, which they opened with great 
interest. Disappointingly, all they found were a few photographs, 
which Hothingbottom quickly identified as patients with 
outstanding unpaid accounts. The board left after reprimanding 
the doctor and warning him to work on his patient relations skills.

A few weeks later, there was a brutal murder in Columbus, Ohio, 
noteworthy because the victim had suffered a wicked tooth 
extraction just prior to his death. Two days later, Springfield, Ohio 
was the scene of another murder with the same characteristics, 
and within 36 hours of that killing, a woman in Cincinnati was also 
butchered, once again suffering from a tooth being ripped from 
her gums. The press immediately dubbed the killer “The Tooth 

By chance, one of the State Dental Board members was reading 
in his newspaper an account of the three obviously related 
murders and remembered his encounter with Doctor 
Hothingbottom. He reluctantly contacted law enforcement 
personnel and related his experience with the good doctor. 
The police immediately descended on Hothingbottom’s office with 
a warrant to search for this box. They found it, along with this pair 
of bloody dental forceps, hidden in the bottom of a hamper full of 
soiled dental towels and smocks. When they opened the box, 
they were repulsed by its worrisome contents: blood-smeared 
photographs of the three murder victims, and most disturbing of 
all, three bloody teeth.

Little doubt as to the identity of the Tooth Fairie.
What you receive:
Seven photo cards: three of patients, three of the same patients, 
each smeared with blood, and one of the dentist
Three bloody teeth
One pair of blood-smeared dental forceps
One special box with a flap
One instruction booklet, printed on parchment-like paper, 
complete with suggested patter