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The Witches Almanac

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 There are over 140 pages with over 30 illustrations. On every right hand page there are 8 different "inner truths" (500 total in the book), on the left side are various "witchy pagan" illustrations and quotes.

These "inner truths" are made up of elements, emotions, guidance and "cures" that are specifically aimed at the reader. They are designed to not only allow you to "see into their mind", but they give you information that will allow you to be "one ahead" for any cold reading you might want to do based on the entry they have chosen, an entry they will instantly internalize as relevant to only them.

The Witches Almanac allows you to duplicate an illustration in a very unique way. It lets you reveal a quote you couldn't possibly know the spectator is reading, it let's you reveal emotions the spectator is experiencing and how they can overcome a negative experience.

Gemini Artifacts has added it's specialized aging process to allow a perfectly flat and authentically aged book. The edge of each page has been aged as well to complete the finishing touches.

The tarot cards also has had a makeover. The original artwork on the back has been redone allowing a much cleaner look. The cards are 200 pound thickness. Each card has been hand aged and hand waxed. 

The manual has also been modified, adding all of the original online forum posts. Included is a routine by PROF BC from the IPSWICH PERFORMANCE MANUAL. The manual is available to all owners of the almanac. Check under the FREE PREVIEWS section for more information.