The VVitch

$ 299.00

A VVitch gives birth to a daughter, only to possess her and perpetuate an endless cycle of resurrection. Guide your audience into an unsettling story of ancestral lineage, which spans centuries. When you are done, the only unanswered question will be: “Is she still walking the earth?”

Four photos of VVitches are displayed. A participant looks through a Hag Stone at the photos and selects one. As the story unfolds the photo selected proves to be a haunted artifact, one eternally connected to the stone. The tale concludes with a dark revelation that will not be soon forgotten, as it undeniably confirms the existence of real magic.

This completely self-working method makes use of handmade replicas from a forgotten era. The photos are used to enhance this supernatural narration, for your audience to visually follow along towards the reveal.

  • Items Included:
  • Instruction booklet
  • One hand aged custom designed VVitch box (un-gimmicked). Internal dimensions 3”x6”x8” perfect for carrying your show around in. Fits three small book tests Witches Almanac size, Tarot cards, Pendulums, Seven Sins, etc.
  • An original piece of the “actual” mourning veil as worn in the sitting photo
  • A "special painted" Hag Stone, wrapped in cloth
  • 4 photos by MR. Darkness. Mounted on heavy card stock, hand sanded and aged
  • Aged letters
  • Drawstring bag
  • Black candle and holder
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