The Spirits Are Restless

The Spirits Are Restless

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The Spirits Are Restless
by Mark Strivings

It is with great pleasure that I can announce my newest publication on a completely unique table top Act. It's a miniature spirit cabinet - without the cabinet!
Several years ago I had an idle thought while I was driving home from a show. It involved combining a couple of disparate ideas that had one thing in common. From that germ of an idea, one thought led to another which led to another. Next thing I knew, I actually had the basis of a  very unique Act in the works.
I set about gathering materials and experimenting with various ideas and combinations. What ultimately came from it was three unique performance pieces, each one an entire five-phase Act unto itself, each one an evolution of an idea that creates an experience unlike anything my audiences had ever seen before.
I had long considered keeping this entirely to myself. But I've had it to myself long enough. It's time for other mystery performers to bring it to their audiences.
One of my lifelong passions has been miniature spirit cabinets. I love the things. They are so wonderfully strange. And audiences love them even more. It's like bringing a piece of a haunted house to the show and  inviting everyone in. The intrigue is natural and the inherent entertainment value is sky high.
Well, when I had the confluence of thoughts I just mentioned it occurred to me that I could bring the experience of a miniature spirit cabinet to my audiences... without the actual cabinet.
Using everyday objects I was able to recreate the experience of these haunted objects on a table top, right in front of my audience. The spirits were at work right under my audiences' collective noses and they got to experience it. It's creepy. It's very strange. It's weird. It's  wonderful.
And it's time to bring it to all of you. Allow me to introduce you to…

The Spirits Are Restless
 by Mark Strivings
A Tabletop Spirit Cabinet - Without The Cabinet

Imagine this. Using nothing more than a simple handkerchief and a few common household objects, contact is made with the spirits. And all sorts of activity is afoot!

In classic style the manifestations occur in the dark, but in this case the dark is supplied by a simple handkerchief. This is a collection of three complete five-phase Acts, each with it's own unique parameters and manifestations. Within the folds of this handkerchief the spirits will:
...cause a ring to penetrate a lace
...cause a ghost to appear
...locate a single dead person among the living
...cause a ball to transport into a glass
...cause a series of knots to appear in a regular shoelace
...cause a key or coin to bend
...visibly write a message from beyond
...and more.
These are just some of the possibilities laid bare in this manuscript.
Everything you need to know to put this amazing Act together is explained completely within these pages. You probably already own much of what you will need, and anything that you don't already have is easily obtainable even in these dark times.

As mentioned this tome describes three complete five-phase Acts ranging from a 'basic' Act using materials that you quite likely already have at home, to the 'Ultimate' version of the Act wherein you add a couple of cunning gimmicks that allow for some serious manifestations. Everything is completely described. Just put the materials together and you have a complete spirit act with multiple manifestations!
This unique tome weighs in at over 40 pages, comb bound in card covers.