The Sign

$ 25.00


It is a fact that the most interesting thing in the world is you. This is a truth for everyone. They are always the most important thing in their world. If you can focus a routine on your spectator, it is infinitely more personal.

This routine allows you to do so with little more than a card you pull out of your wallet. A card that looks like one you could pick up at a new age shop.

A simple card, a few questions and the performer knows all they need to give the spectator a reading based on their sign. The performer gives the reading, asks a few more questions and reveals the spectator's birthday or very close to it and tells their astrological sign.

If you prefer not to do a reading, then you don't have to do so and you can still tell the spectator the date (or very close to it) of their birth and their astrological sign. This can be very powerful when used properly.

The set contains:

-A booklet explaining the working.

-Two cards. You only need one. The other is an extra.

What have people said about The Sign?

This system works REALLY GOOD!!! No memory work needed on this part. All you need to study is the characteristics and traits of each sign and you're ready to read someone's mind at any time. --Evil Dan

For this version of Ray Grismer’s “What’s My Sign?”, you’re buying a special, gorgeously produced card which makes the mnemonics unnecessary.  You also get a very nice routine by Paul Prater as well as an extra card and an elegant instructional booklet with color photos.--Jheff

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