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The Roxanne Effect

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“The darkness was alive with menace, the room illuminated only by the coloured light of the votive candle on the carven oak table.  The fitful flickering of the flame, which sat between the gilt frame of a black mirror and the gaunt figure who sat starting at it with feverish intensity; failed to exorcise the looming shadows that inhabited the majority of the small, sparsely appointed room.  

I had still not recovered from the experience of an invisible entity passing through my body like a cold mist as I had sat, head bowed in concentration, with the 12 other formerly brave souls who had  decided to attend their first séance on this illustrious night.  I saw now, the same mixture of fear and anticipation mirrored on the faces of those others seated opposite me at the table.

I had only come along to keep Roxy happy, but now she sat at the head of the table, staring into that damned mirror, encouraged by a disembodied voice from the blackness outside the circle.  He who had been introduced simply as The Catalyst, was instructing Roxanne to keep staring into the mirror, to imagine travelling into it to take an active part in the scenes she was witnessing. She began articulating those visions in a breathless and quavering voice.

As I listened, mesmerised by her utterances, something strange began to happen.  The spirits which had been summoned first into the circle, and then into the mirror itself; began to coalesce around that face I knew so well giving me a glimpse of the visages of those whose stories Roxy was whispering into the shadows.  I tried to convince myself it was all just a trick, but no matter how I tried I could not dispel the diaphanous forms I was seeing.

That night haunts me still…”

The Roxanne Effect is a cutting edge combination of scrying, spirit contact and shapeshifting.  You will recieve a pdf manuscript that contains links to both audio and video supplements to help you get the most out of Roxy.

$25US - Digital Download

Praise for the Roxanne Effect:

"The Roxanne Effect is wonderful multi-layered effect whereby both a volunteer and an audience get to witness what may be regarded as a 'genuine' paranormal or occult experience. Without the need for expensive electronics or gaffs and gimmicks, The Roxanne Effect takes both volunteer and audience on a journey of discovery. What this journey focuses on (remote viewing, clairvoyance, past life regression, etc., etc.) is entirely down to the performer, or perhaps the performer would be brave enough to simply 'go with the flow' and allow the volunteer to choose their own path. The Roxanne Effect combines a variety of established phenomena in a new and unique fashion. Certainly I have never encountered this methodology before, and believe me, I've seen most things! The Roxanne Effect could happily be a stand-alone routine or effect, or equally it would be at home as part of an evening of seance, paranormal entertainment, or bizarre magick. I like it a lot, and thank Bryn for bringing it to the marketplace."
 - Paul Voodini
"This is one of the most comprehensive and informative manuscripts I've come across in a long time. Not only is the effect stunning, The theory and philosophy of how this came into being and how It works is enlightening beyond how to do a magic trick. I learned more from reading this manuscript than I have the last six months of wading through a dozen other products and effects on the market. The way this is written will help you understand the reality behind the illusion. If I were reviewing this for The Linking Ring I'd give it a highly recommended."
- Rolando Santos