The Ouija Box
The Ouija Box
The Ouija Box
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The Ouija Box

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She died a mysterious death in 1934 at the relatively young age of 37. Her
name was Mirella Zander, and she was a well-known medium, a throwback to
the Victorian era spiritualists.

Foul play had been suspected at the time of her passing, but there never was
any resolution of the case. Several suspects, including some of these seance
customers in these photographs, had been interviewed as part of the
investigation. Police knew that not every seance resulted in the outcome the
sitter desired. There were some interesting findings, but nothing to substantiate
an accusation.

At the time, a close friend of Mirella’s, a young girl named Beatrice Norman, died
during the birth of her second child. Her husband remained in the community
and raised their children alone. He never remarried and passed away in 1961.
While cleaning out the attic of her father’s home, his daughter came across this
box among her mother’s possessions, stored away for nearly 30 years.
Inside the box, she found a letter. Clearly, Mirella feared one of her sitters, but
cryptically, she only identified her tormentor by initials. Apparently, Beatrice had
stowed the letter away in her special box and died before being able to reveal
the letter’s contents to authorities. Of particular interest was the last portion of
the letter, which instructed Beatrice to “…use the Ouija Box” if anything
happened to her.

The box is opened again to reveal 28 tiles in standard Ouija Board configuration.
The box is closed and a spirit is summoned. When the box is opened, the
letters have rearranged themselves, and a message is revealed which identifies
the murderer by initials. When the previously-examined photographs are looked
at again, the photograph of the person with matching initials now has blood on
her hands!

What you receive:
- Nine photographs, one of which is treated
- One letter on parchment-like paper
- One wooden box with magnets in the lid and a flap, also with magnets
- Ouija-like letter tiles on both the flap and the inside bottom of the box
- One instruction booklet printed on parchment-like paper