The Most Haunted House in England - Gemini Artifacts
The Most Haunted House in England - Gemini Artifacts
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The Most Haunted House in England

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Many have seen or heard Prof BC talk of his “Most Haunted House in England” book experiment. It was his first book test, and he has used it successfully for many years. Now this remarkable effect is for the first time being made available to you in a Do-It-Yourself format. All you need is a copy of Harry Price’s book, The Most Haunted House in England. This is the classic book documenting Harry Price’s 1930-1935 investigation of the famous Borley Rectory, and it remains conveniently (and inexpensively) available via a 1989 Time/Life reissue. This offering requires a DIY attitude from you, for you must (as Prof BC originally did) doctor up your personal copy of this book page-by-page. Happily, this work is easily done with a healthy amount of sweat-equity (this will take time for you to do) and a few different-coloured pens, a pencil, a highlighter and the extensive page-by-page scans provided for you to duplicate from Prof BC’s personal copy of The Most Haunted House in England.


What you will create is a “Field Guide” to ghost-hunter Dennis Quinn’s haunted investigations. It is an annotated volume of Harry Price’s famous book on the Borley Rectory. Case by case, as Dennis Quinn visited his various haunted places, he took this very book with him to keep him company and provide inspiration. In time, he began taking notes directly in the margins of the book, and so it became his Field Guide. It has acquired psychogenic properties (especially in the presence of haunted artifacts). When spectators look secretly at the pages of this book, spirits reveal what they see there.

When Dennis Quinn died in 2007, you were lucky enough to buy this book from his library at auction for a remarkably small sum because you knew he kept his informal investigation notes in the books he took with him to his investigations. While everyone else was bidding on his famous ‘notebooks’, you got one of his ‘informal’ sets of notes under the radar at a bargain price.


You present a book to your audience. It is a genuine book with extensive notes in the margins. These notes, when read together, reveal a series of fascinating case studies in which Dennis Quinn investigated such notable sites as 50 Berkeley Square, The Tower of London, the Viaduct Tavern, Hampton Court, and even the Borley Rectory itself. The notes reveal chilling accounts of genuine spiritual manifestation and how Quinn and his various partners recorded EMF readings, Ouija contacts, automatic writing, and visual and aural materializations.

If you wish, you may tie this book into other effects and artifacts. Prof BC’s personal presentation uses a number of ‘haunted’ artifacts that came from these places. The combination of book with artifacts creates a full show demonstrating the ‘reality’ of haunted manifestations.

A spec is asked to take the book to a quiet area of the room and open it to any page she wishes. You will need to know the page number (and the instructions give you Prof BC’s own method for innocently obtaining this information). With no more than this, you are prepared to reveal such information as the place being investigated, the partner accompanying Quinn, dates, times, EMF readings, underlined material on the page, Ouija contacts, messages, remote viewing of sketches and/or photographs, and even words and phrases printed in the book itself.

It is a vast amount of information you are able to reveal from the page number alone, and to help you keep it all straight, Prof BC has included a very clever crib sheet: the original, laminated advert copy (provided by the Time/Life publishers) for the book. This advert is so innocent (because it is genuine) that you may freely hand it around the room, but when you hold a pendulum over it (or place a haunted artifact upon it) you may openly use it as your crib for every revelation on every page of the book (with the exception of the name of the partners, which is an optional element that requires memorization if you wish to reveal it).

This was Prof BC’s first book test, never intended for sale, and he has used it most successfully in his own show for nearly twenty years. As such, in the interest of full disclosure, it is not a self-working book test as his most recent developments have been. The Most Haunted House in England will require a bit of work from you, but you will create a genuine worker’s effect with the added charm of hand-written notes throughout a most remarkable book.

As you would expect from a Prof BC book experiment, The Most Haunted House in England is completely bomb proof. You may safely allow your specs to read the book (and its hand-written notes) cover-to-cover without ever tipping the method. In fact, such reading only increases the atmosphere and interest factor of this book.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for you to own your own one-of-a-kind book experiment (because yours will be unique to you), and it provides a ground-level entry into the world of high-functioning book experiments. If you have ever been interested in one of Prof BC’s offerings, but were put off by price, this is the Prof BC book experiment for you.

Another great advantage to this DIY prop is you will be so fully invested in it that you will understand its workings intimately and learn to believe in it, thus gaining full confidence for your presentation.

Gemini Artifacts will have a small amount of stock of the physical book ready for markup as well as fully laminated crib sheets that are available for purchase. Please email vic@geminiartifacts if you are interested in these offerings. Please keep in mind you will need a Gemini account for this item to be available to access within your download folder. If you choose to use a guest account, the manual will be send via link.


  • The writing must be done carefully and legibly so specs can read it.
  • Do note that the Borley Rectory burned down long before 1989 when this book was reissued for Dennis Quinn to write his notes and that Quinn mentions this fact in these notes because he investigated only the site of the Rectory, the building on which being gone.
  • And, yes, this prop will ultimately feature your handwriting throughout (unless you get someone else to annotate the book for you). It is however designed for performance in front of audiences who do not know you intimately or know your handwriting well enough to recognize it. In nearly twenty years of performance, Prof BC has never had anyone ‘notice’ that his book’s notations are all in his own hand. If you are genuinely worried that you will be ‘caught out’ on this, you are warmly encouraged not to buy.