The Moon Board

$ 325.00

The Moon Board is a 3-phase divination board that combines a pendulum board, Todd Landman's Platonic Solids reading system, and his Macrocosm reading system into one versatile board.  
You can use each system separately for shorter readings, or combine them into one comprehensive, deep reading.  
The pendulum board, Macrocosm/Platonic Solids insert, Platonic Solids, and aged key pendulum all fit into a lined slipcase for easy transport.  Comes complete with a 50-page instruction book.

Each board is built from the ground up on a 10 ¾” x 17” wooden base, with hand-applied raised wooden edges that hold the board insert, and provide a captive space for rolling your Platonic Solids during a reading. There are two additional partitioned spaces – with felt bottoms – to hold the Solids and pendulum when not in active use during the reading. The board is 1” thick, weighing in at a little over 2 lbs.
The main surface features an aged pendulum board. An insert fits exactly over this board, within the raised edges, and includes notches on the sides for easy removal of the insert. The insert graphics are mounted on heavy mat board, aged and coated with an amber shellac and matte sealer, as is the entire Moon Board itself. On one side of the insert is Todd Landman’s Platonic Solids board, and on the other side his Macrocosm board. So in effect you have 3 boards in one.
The moon board comes in its own lined black duck (canvas) slipcase with brocade flap and decorative button. Also included are a set of Platonic Solids and an aged key pendulum in a small bag, with a 50-page printed book.
Finally, each Board is numbered, with a signed and numbered certificate printed on parchment paper.

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