The Forbidden Door
The Forbidden Door
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The Forbidden Door

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In the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, not far from the entrance to Estes
Park, stands the Stanley Hotel, erected in 1909. In the writings of author
Stephen King, the hotel took on the name of The Overlook Hotel, and
according to Mr King’s story, strange episodes occurred during the stay of
wintertime custodian Jack Torrance and his family. Largely due to Mr,
King’s brilliant novel entitled “The Shining,” the Stanley Hotel has become
quite the tourist attraction.

Several years ago, a couple by the name of Watson booked a room for just
the chance to say they survived a night in the infamous lodging. Once
settled into their room, they decided to take a late night stroll through the
mostly empty corridors of the building. They quickly found a wing of the
hotel that had been roped off…closed to patrons. Their curiosity peaked,
they decided to ignore the prohibition and slipped under the ropes. They
were confronted with a dark alcove which housed four rooms. Assuming
the rooms were locked, they nevertheless tried the door to one of them. It
was open, and when they looked inside, they were somewhat
disappointed to find a room much like their own…nothing out of the
ordinary. A quick look into the other three rooms revealed the same.
The couple returned to their room and retired for the night. Before dousing
the lights, Mr. Watson picked up a brochure from the nightstand and
began to read about the history of the hotel and its relationship to Mr.
King’s novel. It seems that in 1974, Stephen King and his wife Tabitha
spent one night in the hotel when King was seeking inspiration for the
book. They stayed in room 217. Watson was sure that room was among
the four in the forbidden wing of the hotel. He waited for his wife to fall
asleep, and then he sneaked out of bed and headed for the Kings’ former

What he found when he returned to that alcove literally frightened him…to

What you receive:

Four handmade cards in an envelope depicting the old hotel
Instruction booklet printed on parchment-like paper