The Devils Choice

$ 45.00

Welcome to the second release of the Gemini Classics line. My goal is to introduce some classics of magic to a new audience. There are other items in the works, so keep an eye out at for other offerings. These classic effects of mentalism and the bizarre will hopefully be new to some, a favorite of others and be shown to a wide audience.

Next up is The Devils Choice. Based on Corinda's Third Choice, the Gemini Edition comes with aged Tarot with a Devil finale. 

Each of the five tarot are placed inside the included envelopes. The envelopes are mixed by the spectator. One by one the envelopes are discarded until the spectator is only left with one. 

The envelope is torn open and a single Devil card is removed. 

The spectator then reaches under her chair and removes a picture of the devil. Then another under the Ouija board, or a small devil statue perhaps in a small bag sitting the entire time on the table. The choice is yours on how to continue once the card is chosen. The possibilities are ENDLESS. 

A professional routine is included currently being performed in the USA. 

Comes with:

5 Gaffed Tarot Cards

5 Black Envelopes


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