The Devil on My Shoulder

$ 50.00

Have you ever wondered why famous magicians in those old posters always have devils on their shoulders, maybe even whispering in their ears? The magi tells the tale of four medieval European kingdoms who wanted to try to get along with each other. The kings, queens, and court magicians met at a neutral location, but could not seem to work out thier differences.

They turned to their respective sorcerers, asking them to use their magical powers to weave an accord. After much work, the wizards succeeded in reaching a deal, not among themselves, but between themselves and the devil himself! The consequences for all magicians, for all of eternity, may or may not be visible…but they are there!

What you receive: 

  • A 14-card deck of hand-made, hand-waxed cards depicting medieval kings, queens, and magicians, as well as two mini-magic posters, all contained in a royal purple velvet bag.
  • An instruction booklet, complete with suggested patter, printed on parchment-like paper.

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