The Corrupted Tarot

$ 45.00

The Corrupted Tarot - An Add-on for the Carnie Tarot Cursed Deck

I recall when I first came into possession of what I was told was a Tarot deck “that didn't exist”. I was in an antique shop that specialized in occult history and the gentleman who owned the establishment told me the story I would since hear a half dozen times since, always by word-of-mouth, about the mythical deck's creation. The Corrupted Tarot is a 64 page softcover book that purports to explain the history and secret meanings behind the Major Arcana cards of the Carnie Tarot Cursed deck. The author explains he purchased a mysterious and very old Tarot deck from an antique dealer, and then spent years trying get to discover its true origins. The Corrupted Tarot is a 64 page booklet that:

● Describes a history of the Carnie Cursed Tarot, including giving it a new name to foil the curious and their search engine shenanigans

● Includes an interpretation of each Major Arcana card with discussions about the “modifications” the creator applied to each

● Includes a unique correspondence system linking each card of the Major Arcana to heavenly bodies, ancient elements, numbers, and talismans As a bonus, the correspondence chart within the book links to the Witches Almanac key, allowing it to be used as a memory crib for the Witches Almanac talisman and elements. This means you can use your Carnie Tarot for the Witches Almanac, and have a memory aid right out in the open. The Corrupted Tarot can be used:

● as a source of ideas and history for the Carnie Cursed Tarot

● provided to the sitter as evidence of the deck’s curious history

● provided to the sitter to aid in readings and interpretations

One Note: There are enough similarities between the Cursed and non-Cursed versions of the Carnie that this add-on would have merit for owners of the non-Cursed deck, but it should be noted that this version uses images and descriptions from the Cursed deck only.

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