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“T” - by Joseph Daniels contains Joseph’s much talked about closing effect which blends the charm of a tea leaf reading and builds to an emotional powerhouse.

The parlour/stage piece is a worthy act unto itself. Following the reading the performer levitates a burning ember of fire and catches it in the tea cup only to reveal a piece of impossible knowledge that is revealed with a unique visual that leaves the participant stunned and delighted!

While hardly a self-working effect, this stunning set does require obtaining information and careful handling of both it and the participant. It is not for the novice.

In addition to the effects previously mentioned, Joseph details the history and practice of tasseomancy (tea leaf reading). In addition Joseph completely explains his preshow information gathering method and includes the one piece that working mentalists never share…A SCRIPT for the preshow process!! In addition he offers insight into handling difficult or potentially painful subjects with your participant.

And for the first time ever, Joseph will reveal 2 diabolical utility devices that he’s kept hidden for a decade. Properly utilized, the information for the effect can be collected in front of your audience, in real time…DURING THE SHOW!!