Spirit Pendulum

$ 65.00

This spirit bell and bone pendulum is perfect for raising magical energies. It will allow you to go dark and return safely to the light.

The parts for your pendulum are not mass-produced. Authentic vintage tribal bell and hand aged chain. The bone is from the foot of a coyote, a familiar and a perfect guide to the afterlife. No animals were harmed in the acquisition, they died of natural causes. The Native American tribes of South Dakota and Minnesota carefully sanitized and prepared the bone. It is later hand painted, flat black.

Bells are used for spiritual purposes and magickal enchantments. They are used for protection and good luck, and believed to be capable of warding off evil spirits or negative influences. The sound of a bell has a curative effect on our body. The sound waves release stress and emotional obstacles. It may also help to calm the mind expanding its conscious awareness, providing us with a sense of peace and well-being. A bell may also be heard when a spirit enters and exits our place of summoning. Bells may be worn as a talisman to lift spells and communicate with the dead. They are not only about death: to ring a bell eight times signals the end of a cycle and the beginning of another. Ring a bell to be reborn and start a new journey.

Bones imbue magickal potency. Witches, druids, pagans, shamans and healers use them to connect with spirits of the dead. Animal bones are often used to work with animal spirits as familiars, guides and protectors. When you call on a spirit the bone acts as their temporary home while they inhabit this realm. Ritual tools made from bones such as pendulums, wands, and rattles may also be used for divination. Additionally, bones may be used for healing, and good luck. They may be used for fortunetelling or as charms against evil spirits.

You will find the Spirit Pendulum complements your other spooky props. If you are serious about presenting yourself as a mystery performer, then make sure you own the best utility prop on the market. A vintage hand-made pendulum by someone who knows the real darkness.

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