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So Dark: The Colney Hatch Experiment 1934-36

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So Dark: The Experiment 1934-36 (a performance manual)
Whether you have one book, two books, or the complete trilogy, this manual is for the serious mystery entertainer who is committed to making Luna the very best it can be. — Dr Todd Landman

So Dark is an exhaustive study of the LUNA book test. In this book-length study (over 40,000 words long!) you will find
• Which LUNA version(s) you should buy depending upon your needs
• How to performance-enhance your LUNA prop
• Memorizing LUNA: tricks to keep LUNA fresh in your mind
• The best ways to rehearse LUNA for performance
• Some London History to enhance your LUNA story
• Performance tips including
o LUNA as mindreading vs. LUNA as ghost whispering
o LUNA close-up, in the parlor, and for the stage
o Introducing the Routine
o Picking Your Moment, Building Your Atmosphere
o Using photos and other props
o Book Management
• Over a half dozen ways to force the room number invisibly
• New and fully scripted ‘Ins’ using gender, case number, age, name, emotion, including all the necessary ‘outs’—as well as the highly effective ‘No-Out In’ and 1934’s ‘very fluid age out’
• Five ‘Closed book’ gambits that allow you to make revelations before LUNA is even opened
• 'Planting' revelations: making your audience see more than the LUNA page
• Two completely routined, startling finishes including props you will need
• Five complete LUNA routines (employing elements the LUNA inventors don’t even know about themselves!)
o The Tarot Routine
o The Telepathic Routine (employing the three-book blind force)
o The Séance Routine
o The Satan Room Routine
o Asylum: The Ultimate LUNA Routine
• Three appendixes listing all the patient profiles, combinations, force room inmates, and cross linkages between the three books to let you develop your own LUNA mega Routines