Musick Box

$ 275.00

An aged red oak storage box with outside dimensions of 7” X 5.75” X 3.5” and inside the box the dimensions are 6.3” X 5.3” X 2.5”.
Comes with an aged hand cranked music box mechanism that you can crank by hand and have it play the classic song “swan lake”. When you place the mechanism in the box, you can command the the crank music box mechanism to seam to play inside the box as if a ghostly hand is cranking the device inside the dark interior of the box.
The Musick Box also comes with a elastic banded stack of blank business cards that allows you to perform a spooky version of out to lunch where a spectator can initial the top card in the stack and the card is placed in the box with a small pencil and if they listen very carefully they can hear what sounds like the hand of a ghostly specter pick up the pencil and write something followed by the sound of the pencil falling. When they open the box they will find a message has been left on the business card next to their initials.
The box can be switched from making music box sounds to the sounds of something being written simply by flipping a switch hidden inside the box.
Comes ready to make music box sounds or writing sounds.
  • Runs on 4 AAA batteries.
  • Remote controlled, using a silent pressure pad switch.
  • You can change the sounds that the box makes by switching the included microSD memory card with one of your own microSD cards that you have saved your very own custom mp3 sound files to. 

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