Maleficium - Gemini Artifacts
Maleficium - Gemini Artifacts
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This is Paul's book of bizarre and story telling magic, containing Paul's effects and routines.

If you order from Paul's website, he will also sign the book to you or whomever you wish, if you would like. Just send a note  with the payment and Paul will make sure it gets signed.

Here are the notes from the publisher:

To be honest, at first I was at a bit of a loss as to what to write about this book- Whenever I say that something we are publishing is beautiful, inventive, clever, creative and more it sounds self serving, even when it is true.

We receive manuscripts in a variety of states of "doneness"- some a shambles, others almost ready to print.

This book is 99% Paul Prater with 1% of our own intervention (Interference) when a font was screwy or we thought something needed to be tweeked.

But Paul is an artist. Through and through. From his photographic work that can be found throughout the book and in the color plate we will be adding to the support pages for owners only- to the meticulously well thought out designs for props. Paul is very detail oriented and we like that.

The stories too are crafted in a precise way as well to lead your audience to the proper emotional state of mind-body. Within the articles found throughout the book Paul also shares his thoughts on bizarre and storytelling magic and attempts to introduce the bizarre aficionados AND the newcomer to storytelling magic with food for though and inspiration.

The book is 8 1/2 X 11 inches and 190 pages.  It is softcover and perfect bound. Maleficium is also now available as an EBOOK!

What have people said about the book?

 "Paul Praters "Maleficium" is not only a beautifully produced book, it's an excellent collection of direct and entertaining routines of the bizarre genre. I really enjoyed reading it and highly recommend it." --Bob Cassidy

"I had a chance to read a significant part of this book some time ago, and I thought it entertaining, thought provoking, and fun. Do check it out."--Michael Fraughton

 "I am very impressed and am on my third reading now. Please consider purchasing Paul's books- not just for his effects but for his thinking and tips."--John Howard

"I received Paul Prater's book as a gift, and what a gift it is! Maleficium is not only visually attractive, but it contains some wonderful photos and other illustrations. Paul provides poetry from such greats as Keats, Emily Dickenson, and others, some of whom I was not familiar with, that set the mood of the book. The effects are great, and I particularly like "Bells" and "Hellcorn." "Witches Do Burn" is incredible."--Bill Ligon