Lucifer’s Light

Lucifer’s Light

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Lucifer's Light
by Mark Strivings

Want to give your audience an experience like they've never had before? This is just the ticket.
Using the most innocent of tools, you will be able to establish and confirm spirit contact. What you ultimately do with those spirits is up to you, but this is by far my favorite means of gathering everyone on both plains together, sometimes just for a brief visit and other times for the entire evening. Regardless of whether you keep the visit brief or extended, your audience is in for an other-worldly experience like they have never had before.

From a performer's perspective, one of the true beauties is that this routine can go in any of dozens of different directions. It can be modular, expandable as much as you'd like. It can be a brief experience or an act unto itself. It can be a lead in to a full blown seance or just a quick touch of the spirits. It's all built around a basic routine.

Here’s what your viewers experience, in its most basic form.   

A wooden match is struck and used to light a candle.   

This same match is then held to the light of the candle and relights  itself, complete with a flash of fire.

This is repeated, with the same match.   

3-5 pieces of paper are distributed among the sitters and with the  exception of one person, each is instructed to write the name of a person who is alive. The lone exception is instructed to write the name of a person who has passed on.

The slips are mixed, writing side down, and distributed in a row. A second match is struck and held over each of the slips of paper. Over one of those slips the match abruptly sputters and goes out. This slip is revealed to contain the dead person's name.   

Focus is now put on the light of the candle. The assembled throng is encouraged to focus their thoughts on the dead person’s name which was just revealed and to infuse that thought into the candle.

The spirits are summoned. Without provocation, the candle flame flickers noticeably.   

The spirits are with us.  

That’s the basic routine and I use it as a framework upon which I can expand in a number of directions. Even the elements of this basic routine can be mixed and matched, embellished upon or left out entirely. In the pages of this new tome I not only fully explain everything I just outlined, but I also give you several options of material that can be included when the time and circumstances are right.

Here are just some of the possibilities clearly outlined in this tome.  
The head of the burnt match suddenly flies off.   

While burning, the match suddenly splits in two.   

A match snaps in half on its own.   

A pair of unlit matches move inexplicably.   

The box full of matches is lit afire in a meteor of flame only to be revealed to be untouched and unburnt.   

The candle is lit and the flame visibly diminishes to the point where it  virtually extinguishes, only to come roaring back to life.   

The performer draws a representation of his open hand on a piece of paper. Using a spent match, a sitter 'draws' a bit of ash onto one of the depicted fingertips. The performer then reveals that he has a  visible blister on that same fingertip.   

A blank piece of paper has a message appear on it from the spirits.   

A piece of paper with a message to the spirits becomes blank.   

The lit candle is surrounded by a cylindrical covering (can be as simple as a rolled piece of paper which has been taped into a tube, or a literal glass cylinder) and the flame flickers almost on command when calling for the spirits.   

The candle is extinguished only to almost immediately re-light on its own (and for those who who just winced, no, there are no hidden gimmicks or electronics.)  

All of this and more is fully explained in this most unique publication. In all of the literature there's nothing like this.

It should be noted that there are NO electronics, NO complicated gaffs, NOTHING to find.

If you are a bizarrist, a seance medium, a performer who loves to take your audience places they've never been before, this is for you! Talk about a maximum of effect from a minimum of props, this just may be the ultimate!

What's more, if you have absolutely NOTHING that is needed to perform this entire routine, including all of the additional possibilities, it might cost you all of $20.00 to obtain everything that you need. This is the bargain of the year.   

But wait, there's more!   

There are TWO Bonus Routines in this amazing tome!

I've never revealed this to anyone. But it's time to set it free, and this is the perfect place to do it. I call it "Matchbook Q&A”.

Matchbook Q&A

For those of you who do any kind of question and answer work, whether in a reading situation or in intimate performance, this is pure gold.

Using a simple book of matches, a sitter's 'yes' or 'no' question is answered. And here's the beautiful part, you don't even have to know what the question is! I've never revealed this to anyone, but I can tell you for a fact that this is as powerful a 'reading' piece as I have ever used.   
But this book doesn't end there!  

Here is a routine straight out of my bizarre show that I've been using for about 15 years and had a ton of fun with…

Spontaneous Human Combustion

This is literally 98% story and 2% trick, but when you put it all  together it's a marvelously strange combination that audiences love. As with everything else in this tome, I've never shared this with anyone before. It packs tiny and plays huge. Need a rock-solid 10 minutes in your bizarre show that you can carry in your pocket? Here you go.

Both of these amazing pieces are also included in "Lucifer's Light”.

All of this is jam-packed into about 45 pages, comb bound in card  covers. It's like absolutely nothing you've got on your shelf, and everything in it is like nothing your audiences have ever experienced before.

This is an incredibly unique tome and belongs on every bizarre magick enthusiast's shelf.

“I just read this and I could not be more delighted” - Joe Diamond

I've been keeping something to myself for well over 15 years, and up until a few weeks ago I had determined that I was going to keep this to myself forever.

But I've had a change of heart on this matter. I won't go into the reasons why here. I will leave that for you to discover if you're interested. Suffice to say, this is one of my most cherished secrets and I'm actually very happy that I have decided to set it loose.

While what I am releasing here does use business cards, it does not absolutely require a Sight Unseen Case. That said, it is highly recommended, which is why I am coming to you. In fact most of what is contained in this new release relates directly to the use of the SUC. There hasn't been anything like this in the literature in well over 70 years. It has been all but forgotten, and it has been a cherished 'pet' of mine for a very long time.

This is a valuable addition to the SUC lexicon, and one that you are certain to treasure.

What is it?