Kadar Poker Elite Case

$ 125.00


Kadar themed Insight case. The size and workings of the case are exactly the same as they are for the Insight Poker cases. Made to the same high standard, but with a Kadar theme. Not only do these hold a regular poker deck and the Kadar Poker Cards, but they are also a perfect fit for the standard five Kadar cards. Now you have a portable Kadar wallet, with the ability to glean information from the audience prior to a Kadar reading - all Kadar practitioners will realize just how useful and powerful this can be.

The Kadar Insight case can be presented as a mock fortune-telling cabinet. 

"This is my pocket sized Kadar fortune telling cabinet. All you need to do is write a question to Kadar on this card and feed it into the slot!. Be careful not to show it around - this is your private thought -  also, I want Kadar to answer this, not me."

It is perfectly natural that the audience member should feed her 'ticket' into the slot in the front (or the back) of the  'cabinet' - the job is done. Taking the cards out will reveal any message put into the back slot; taking out the notebook (which is also an imp pad) will reveal any card put into the front slot - it could not be more innocent and deceptive.

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