Kadar Elite

$ 595.00


Kadar is a complete reading system.
On the surface is a light, fun diversion based around those old fairground fortune telling cabinets.
Under the hood, it is a deep and coherent reading system based around working psychological and esoteric concepts.
The Elite Set is aimed at the serious collector or working professional. Presented in a large wooden display case, The Elite version contains the core system and much more. If you are seriously interested in the Kadar system, this has everything

The Kadar 'gold standard' for the working professional.
Five Kadar Kards, Moonskin case. Book, pouch with Dice. Raffle-ticket 'tick book' for readings. Also includes 'Truth and Dare' and 'Kadar Tickets of Destiny' and Kadar Cards. All presented in a gorgeous aged presentation box.

Included in the Elite Set.
  • Five beautifully designed Kadar Cabinet Cards, mounted on wood, waxed and hand finished.
  • Individually hand crafted Moonskin Leather Case.
  • Full printed manual and pdf sent by post of the full Kadar system.,
  • Wooden dice in velvet pouch.
  • Casting board.
  • 'Raffle Ticket Book' - the pro reader can use this as a 'tick sheet' to hand out a memento of the reading to the sitter.
  • Kadar Certificate of Authenticity for the collector.
  • Kadar 'Truth or Dare Game'. Cards and Manual.
  • Kadar 'Tickets of Destiny' with printed tickets and Moonskin case. Printed manual and full pdf.
  • A deck of the Kadar Poker Cards.
  • Both the Readers Path Course and the Magicians Path course.
  • Zoltar Pocket reading Card (while stocks last!)

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