$ 850.00

Inception is an advanced bone-conduction device, developed in conjunction with Rob Gould, used to implant a thought directly into your spectator’s head while their eyes and ears are closed.  Any .mp3 audio track can be secretly played directly into your spectators head with no detection of the source.  The start and stop of the playback is under your control the entire time.  It doubles as a short-range ProMystic Modular Receiver and links to all of your ProMystic products so you can implant the number of a die, the color on a cube, or the object just selected by another spectator.  Imagine what you can do with this entirely new power.

Inception can be performed finger palmed or with your hands empty (device strapped to your arm).  While in finger palm the device can automatically start playback the moment it is turned on or a particular audio track can be selected on the fly with the push of a button.

Inception can act as a short-range ProMystic Receiver so you know the information at all times.  Tilt activation can initiate playback upon command.  Very easy to use.

*Includes full live performance rights. Television, Youtube, and other electronics media distribution rights are NOT included. Contact ProMystic about getting Television rights.

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