Heaven & Hell Pendulum V2.0

$ 65.00

This project came out of the need for me to have a pendulum that I could not find on the market. Something that could be used for much darker routines but also lighter if I chose. I only wanted one main pendulum to represent who I am, MR. Darkness and after much consideration came up with this. I knew it had to have the weighted construction that would be sensitive enough to react quickly but feel heavy enough and solid in the hand. The horizontal cross bar rests perfectly on top of your first finger from tip to second knuckle. I wanted it to have an almost indestructible construction without looking like it came from a new age shop. It needed to appear to be an authentic relic from the past. A Pagan High Priest blessed and charged this nail in graveyard dirt, under the blood red harvest moon eclipse, September 2016.

After much research and experimentation to create the ultimate dual purpose pendulum, I am pleased to present what I believe to be the benchmark for performers of mystery and magick: “The Heaven & Hell Pendulum v2.0”. Designed for those who walk in the light and communicate in the dark, this pendulum will allow you to guide your sitters on a journey through Heaven & Hell. The iconic imagery of an iron metal gothic cross, coffin nail, and rustic chain, which are all hand aged with a dark patina, contribute naturally to performances connecting with the deceased and providing divination services or spiritual enlightenment. Sinner or Saint, it speaks to both side of the veil and resonates to all corporeal and metaphysical entities. Holding the cross gives one the feeling of hope or fear. The carefully weighted construction and pivot axis aids in the delicate and sensitive balance, which resonates quickly with all those who come in contact. If you guide your audience during séances, witch trials, readings, or personal divination journeys, then you owe it to yourself to experience Heaven & Hell for real.

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