$ 99.00

Now available in two versions. 
1. Very Limited Edition of 12 KRAMPUS box Gyre Editions. 
2. Standard Edition with Burlap tote. 
Gyre is a new animation effect to the bizarre community and a utility item suitable to a number of backstories and performance situations. If you are looking for a fail-safe, no-skill-required yet mesmerizing animation effect, this is it. No magnets, strings, threads, hook-ups, or anything at all. ‘The cleanest, most convincing bizarre animation effect since The Haunted Key’ . . . but this occurs whilst in the complete control of the spectator.

No batteries, or anything to wear out or replace ever. Like ‘The Haunted Key’, Gyre is completely self contained. Unlike ‘The Haunted Key’, Gyre is entirely self-working.
After telling his tale, the performer reveals a heavy, palm-sized bronze artifact and places it on the table. The spectator is invited to spin the unusual piece, first clockwise then anticlockwise, as the performer continues his bizarre tale of its ancient history. The bronze ‘Naus’ spins easily this way and then that way as the spec wishes, resembling an ancient game of spin the bottle. The ‘Naus’ is then examined and found to be precisely what it appears to be, a solid bronze artifact from a bygone age, simple in design but somehow strange and appealing.

The spec now puts the ‘Naus’ on the table as before, only this time something has changed. The magician might cast a spell or have the ‘Naus’ placed upon a ley line or else used as an ancient EMF detector to sense the presence of spirit activity—and this action has a profound effect upon the simple bronze relic.

Now the ‘Naus’ refuses to be turned in any but one direction. If the spec spins it the other way, it will shudder violently to a halt and, against all principles of physics and logic, will actually reverse itself and finish by spinning in its preferred direction.

This action occurs far from the performer, who clearly has no contact with it.

Furthermore, once the ‘Naus’ has been thus energized it will continue to refuse to spin in all but that one direction no matter what the spec may do. The performer can safely claim that it will remain energized for hours, days, or even permanently once the spell is cast . . . and yet be ready to reset and perform again in seconds.

A Fairy Tale:
This release of GYRE represents Prof BC's unofficial launch of a series I will call The Realm of Faerie. Over the next few years, Prof BC will release a number of effects and utility items with a specific goal in sight: to bring dark magic to children in an age-appropriate collection of props and presentations.

Every Realm of Faerie release (like GYRE) will also include darker handlings and stories more in keeping with the expectations of the more traditional (adult) bizarre audience.

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