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Fate & Freewill

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In a test of fate and free will the spectator makes a series of choices. At the end, it is revealed that maybe their choices were all for naught as the fortuneteller knew what was going to happen all along. 

This is the brief description of the routine, and in fact, the routine can be very brief, or you can use it to build your cold reading skills, or use those you already have and perform a longer routine.  Additionally, you can choose to give your spectator a blessing as part of the routine.

The basic routine consists of a discussion about fate and free will and the fortune teller can engage the sitter in a discussion as to their beliefs, if he would like.  The sitter eliminates a set of tarot suits either through an open choice or a flip of a coin and it leads the parties to discuss the meaning of what is revealed by that elimination. This is the exploration of fate.

Next, the fortune teller removes four tarot cards.  The sitter is allowed to choose one of the suits as the one most applicable to him or her.  This decision is discussed and the fortune teller can provide insight or direction.  The fortune teller then reveals that he knew all along that this would be the choice.

The package comes with a blockprinted wrapper that is also used in the routine.  The blockprint is made on tough, handmade fiber paper. Also you get four hand  constructed cards.

What have people said about Fate & Freewill?

"This effect has all the elements I look for in a bizarre effect: Simple in execution so I can concentrate on the story, and engaging props. The premise is a favorite of mine and I have found it difficult to stray from the routine provided. The "instructions" on all his effects are really beautiful booklets. The man is an artist and his props are worth the modest price. "--Andre Hagen

"This is one of those fun little packet effects with a real bizarre twist. A creative reader could use this as an opener for new clients. Perfect walk around effect! [This] is a killer way to approach someone cold. "--R. Craig Phillips.

"Paul has a creative background, and it shows with the care he's put into this effect. From the wax seal on the envelope to the cards themselves...it's all so well-thought out and executed. In closing...buy this. It's that simple. Paul has ramped it up on this effect, and all of the components are serving the greater good...or "bad"...depending how you present it."--Greg Oznowich