ESPoe - Gemini Artifacts
ESPoe - Gemini Artifacts
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Know the Mind of Poe.

from Parlour Ghost & E.R. Perkins


"I was never kinder to the old man than during the whole week before I killed him." - The Tell-Tale Heart


ESPoe has finally been unearthed at Gemini Artifacts!


This deck is as dependable as a pine box. In the four years since its inception it has become a reliable tool and favorite for mystery performers around the world. This little purple deck will help you dig down into the motives and themes of Edgar Allan Poe and leave your audiences gasping.


This bizarre remix of the Zener/Rhine extrasensory perception cards was created with the mystery performer in mind. The standard 5 symbols have been transmuted into iconic, high-contrast representations of the major themes in the works of Edgar Allan Poe. Now, any of  your favorite ESP effects and routines can be reborn as gothic fables of mystery and imagination.


This utility deck and dark storytelling tool is tipped in the performer’s favor. Subtly marked and accompanied by eleven special effect cards, this deck enables a multitude of routines.


These mischievous decks are printed on borderless 310gsm linen card stock and include their own custom tuck box and hand-crafted black linen shroud.


ESPoe is a 36 card deck:

5 each of 5 gothic symbols

11 special effect cards (double-back, blank, Poe's signature, spirit frames, Tell-Tale Heart, Haunted Poe, etc)

custom ‘nightmare’ tuck box

hand-crafted black linen drawstring bag


ESPoe is accompanied by a comprehensive deck manual AND and a supplemental performance manual called “The ESPoe Addendum Mortuorum”. This manual includes 15 powerful routines in the House of Poe. These are startling explorations into the mind and mystery of Edgar Allan Poe using the ESPoe deck, and they include ELEVEN marvels from that master of bizarre magic, Jim Magus.