Egyptian Gods Pendulum

$ 65.00

The Sun God, Ra, reigns over the vast sky. In the twilight of every night, he travels through the underground on his solar boat towards the East, in preparation to rise again the next day. Apophis, the God of Chaos, the monstrous serpent endlessly attempts to halt the boat with his hypnotic gaze, to consume Ra and destroy creation, plunging the world into darkness. However, Ra carried an Ankh, symbol of the eternal breath of life, which allows him to be reborn daily.

One night during his passing through the abyss, Ra fused with Osiris to become the King of the Underworld. As one, they presided over the verdict of all souls. The Egyptian Book of the Dead warns that, on judgment day, the Gods will ask difficult questions. Provide a wrong answer and find yourself banished to Hell.

Priests would recite those questions and their answers to the scarab beetles, which would then be sacrificed, mummified, and inserted into the ears of the deceased. When Gods asked questions, the scarab whispered the answers to the supplicant, ensuring their passage to Heaven.

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