Dreams & Ghosts

$ 90.00

Inspired by the genuine hinged slate books of the Victorian era, these entirely handmade locking slate books provide a smooth, quiet, surefire way to communicate with those beyond the veil. The larger book was owned by a medium in the 1920s, while the smaller belonged to a small child. The spirits of both owners inhabit these ole slate books. Each comes with two gimmicks, one magnetic, which allows for two messages to be revealed in each performance. The slate books come in two sizes, 4 by 6 inches, pictured, and 8 by 9 5/8 inches, appropriate for use on stage. The smaller books can hold tarot cards for switches and other effects, While the larger will easily with envelopes and other large items. Both sizes have an inside space of 3/4 inch, and can hold chalk, cards, or other items inside as well.
The images were selected to allow for a wide variety of presentations, but custom designs are also available at no extra charge.
The books are made to order, but shipping within 10 days of ordering is guaranteed.

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