Dr Octavius Rookwood's Bespoke Tools of Divination

$ 35.00

Lebanon Circle presents a unique set of Bibliomancy cards from the lost collection of Dr Octavius Rookwood (August 16, 1853 – July 17, 1936), American British pharmaceutical entrepreneur, explorer and occult researcher.

Based on the Lebanon Circle bestseller 'Oculus' and inspired by the word force methods of U.F. Grant and Banachek, Dr Rookwood's Bibliomancy cards take the concept to new level of devious design and versatility.

Whether you are a beginner or expert, the ability to force multiple words or numbers seamlessly right under the spectator's nose is a common feat magicians often need to perform.

Dr Rookwood's cards allows for a smooth and seamless force of any word from any book while the gimmick hides in plain sight, completely undetectable. Imagine performing impromptu book tests anywhere! Whether in the street or on stage your spectators will marvel as you demonstrate the powers of Bibliomancy.

  •     Your choice of force word appears in the Oculus (glass window) and is under your control at all times
  •     The forced word matches the book font and page colour flawlessly blending with the page

Each Bibliomancy card is hand crafted and aged by Dan Baines in the Lebanon Circle Studio. The self contained mechanism can be customized by the user. Select your own choice of words from any book such as occult tomes, the bible, popular novels like Harry Potter for younger audiences or even Fifty Shades of Grey for a more adult performance. Dr Rookwood's cards are a versatile magic tool that can be used in any genre of magic where you need to force either one or multiple words with ease.

Created as a standalone effect or as an accompaniment to Doppelgänger or any other book based routine, these cards require little or no magic skills to perform. Any book can be used, it is self working, can be examined and is fully customizable - what more could you want?

  •     Force up to 2 different words with one card or 4 with two cards for larger audiences
  •     Fully customizable - use your own choice of words
  •     Suitable for any written language, not just English!
  •     Can be examined and used as a normal bookmark
  •     Can be used as a real divination tool (see below)
  •     Crafted from  700gsm card and hand aged

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