Decanter of Death

Decanter of Death

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What is the Decanter of Death?

It is pictured here. It doesn't look like much, but lurking within this innocent-looking little glass are the makings of a sinister and highly commercial presentation.

Here's what happens.

The performer displays three small glasses (as pictured), three small handkerchiefs, three slips of paper and pencils, and three rubber bands. Three volunteers are selected to assist. Two of them are told to write the same of a tasty beverage on their respective slips of paper. The third helper is instructed to write the name of a liquid that, should it be ingested, would be fatal. All of these helpers can write anything they wish, within these guidelines. All three slips are folded up and placed, one each into the three glasses. These glasses are then covered with the handkerchiefs and the contents sealed in place with the rubber bands around the mouth of the glass.

The glasses are mixed freely while the performer turns away. The performer then takes the wrist of the helper who wrote the name of the poison, and holds her hand over each of the covered vials. Finally it is lowered onto one of the covered containers, the performer announcing that this container holds something tasty. The rubber band and handkerchief are removed, the enclosed slip taken out and read aloud to reveal it is indeed one of the tasty

This is repeated a second time.

Obviously the remaining covered vial contains the poison, but once again the performer takes the wrist of his helper and has her concentrate on the poison that she has written. Various letters are spoken aloud, and finally a poison is named. The container is uncovered and the enclosed slip read aloud. It's the exact name!

Here's the kicker, everything can be completely examined before and after the demonstration! AND, it's easy to do!

My friends, this is commercial mentalism at its best. The plot is novel, the props are visually compelling yet simple, the procedure is easily followed and the effect is a stunner. A great routine for bizarre magick or Halloween magic shows too.

You receive everything that you need including the three plastic decanters (2 7/8" X 1 1/2"), three small handkerchiefs (11" X 11"), a supply of billet slips, a supply of the perfect rubber bands (although any rubber bands will do) and complete written instructions. Supply your own writing utensils.

The rubber bands and billet slips will obviously have to be replaced over time and usage, but the rest of the outfit should easily last you forever. The decanters themselves are made of a high impact plastic that would be very difficult to damage. At the very most, the handkerchiefs might have to be washed occasionally. So the props themselves are super practical and designed for heavy usage.

This has been a worker for me. One which I have kept under the radar for the last 6 years, but it's time to set it free.