Day of the Dead Fortune Cards

$ 35.00

Add mystery to your readings with this set of fortune cards inspired by the Mexican holiday, Dia de los Muertos, the Day Of The Dead.  On November 1st and 2nd each year, the people of Mexico flock to cemeteries to be with the souls of their departed loved ones, who are allowed to return for the day.  On November 1st it is the souls of the children, and on the 2nd the souls of adults return.  In the shacks of the poor, in shops, and in the palacios of the wealthy, altars are built and filled with food, gifts, and other ofrenda for the dead.  Children race through the streets carrying sugar skulls emblazoned with their names, which are known to bring good luck.

The images on these cards are all graphic designs or artwork by Mexican artists from the mid-20th Century and earlier.  In keeping with the theme, the images have been selected to reflect the dark yet festive flavor of the holiday.  The cards have been treated to give them the appearance of age, and come in a small muslin drawstring bag.  They are an eclectic mix of images, some horizontal, some vertical, and of slightly different sizes - and they are slightly warped, as if they have been well used.  


Although the cards are somewhat dark, the meanings are, for the most part, positive.  In addition to the meanings listed on each card, your sitter may have certain feelings about the images.  It may sometimes be best just to let her look over the images and select one, then tell you about what the card suggests to her.  Use that as a kicking-off point and interpret the card based on her input and the “suggested” meaning of the card. 


The set also includes an instruction booklet with meanings of the cards. 

These cards are for readings only and not to be confused with the Calaveras effect.

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