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Dance with the Devil

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Dance With The Devil 
by Mark Strivings

The requisite materials for this dark and fun little presentation just arrived today, way ahead of when I was expecting them! In fact I wasn't expecting them for another two weeks! So happily I can offer this little gem to you just in time for Halloween (although I use this literally year-round!)

The performer displays a small handful of carved skull beads and offers to play a game with the spectator. It's an easy game. Each player removes 1, 2 or 3 skulls alternately until they are almost entirely gone. Whomever removes the last skull loses the game, and perhaps their soul.

Naturally our hapless spectator loses. Perhaps 2 out of 3?

They lose yet again.

As with all good cons the spectator doesn't have a chance and everything is completely within the control of the operator. It's a beautiful little game and is wide open in terms of presentation. With that in mind I have played this very dark (the loser loses their soul) to entirely tongue-in-cheek and for laughs. It depends on the mood.

Regardless it's way fun. It's also extremely simple. In fact you will learn the entire game within seconds of reading the instructions, and you can't lose, unless you want to.

The skull beads themselves look like carved bone, but are actually an incredibly resilient resin compound. As you can see by the pic, they are beautiful! Each skull is about 1/3" in height.

You receive everything you need to work this right out of the package. Add a small box or drawstring bag to carry them in and you are good to go. Comes with complete instructions. It's all yours for a paltry...