Cussing Cards - the Rogue Edition

$ 499.00

The mage opens a small box, and from it he takes a rather unpleasant looking leather bundle...

"This is the prize item in my collection of the arcane and occult; what I believe to be the only full set of Cussing Cards in existence. They are as priceless as they are intriguing.

What are Cussing Cards? We need to back in time, before the widespread use of the printing press, when each book was made by hand, each page lovingly wrought and bound by a skilled artisan.

It is said that the owner of such a valuable item would pay the service of a Hedge Mage or Cunning Woman to craft a curse in the form of a small card. The curse, or 'cuss' was sewn into the cover of the book. If stolen, the hapless thief would be infected by the cussing, and have its malignant power reinforced each time the book cover was opened.

Of course, as a modern and rather skeptical man, I have little belief in such things, but your sensibilities may be different.... which is why I need to ask you to think carefully before you urge me to show you the contents of this rather odd parcel...."

The Cussing Card routine starts innocently enough, with the Mage showing a series of arcane and rather disturbing images printed on thick parchment (it is parchment we hope!). However, as the performance progresses, things get decidedly darker, as the Mage reveals his true intent for selecting a victim and playing a 'game' with the Cards“ a game that only the Devil can win!

The Cussing Cards is a truly terrifying experience for the audience (and indeed for the performer too). It is not for the faint hearted. In such a performance, you take the audience through a series of darker passageways; superstitions from a primitive past that seems to oddly resonate with our current times. The cards are discarded one by one to reveal the final card that will be the curse inflicted upon either the performer or his victim. A choice needs to be made. After racking up the tension to an unbearable climax, the final curse is turned. To the relief of all, it is no curse, but a blessing.

Everything in this set is hand-made to the same exacting authenticity as the original Cussing Cards. The cards measure 2.5 inches x 4 inches. 

From the cards themselves, to the hand printed casting cloth, leather wrap and hand carved box.

A jewel in the collectors vault of the bizarre, and an unnerving piece of theatre for the audacious performer.

Each set is hand carved and crafted resulting in unique sets. The items pictured are just a representation of what you will receive. Your box art will differ. 

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