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Conjurations – by Joseph Daniels contains a little of everything, theory, practical advice for taking your act to the next level, and of course the effects!

Umgalla Mabutoo is a solid through solid using three African coins and a ribbon. This gaffed version of Charming Chinese Challenge takes things to the next level!

Cup of Joe & One Last Cup of Joe utilize 2 brand new sleights for a whole new approach the classic cups and balls, one of them is a single shot glass and ball routine designed for strolling.

Photo Warp is Joseph’s approach to Roy Walton’s Card Warp using a photograph and the envelope it’s kept in, this finally opens up a reason for the effect!

Fata Morgana is an easily constructed gaffed deck for the easiest stranger card effect imaginable!

Wish You Were Here starts with a stack of 30 different postcards from various hotels from which the participant selects FACE UP! The performance is out of your hands, but the result is totally under your control and can be predicted!

Tempus Fugit allows a wrist watch or bracelet to appear on the performer’s wrist. This is a wonderful offbeat way to put an applause cue on your parlour sequence.

The Sleight Club Approach is a recreation of the same techniques that have created, award winning professional performers, television and film consultants, authors, lecturers, and a couple Magic Castle regulars. This group has honed the workshop method for nearly 20 years!