AREA Book Test

$ 100.00

This ultimate pocket sized book test for the walk around
mentalist. Imagine being able to have a participant open the
book to any page and just think of a word on the page.
Without pumping or fishing you can immediately begin
revealing specific letters in the word. You can gain hit
after hit after hit and finish by revealing the word 100%
every time.

The AREA Book Test builds upon the UF Grant "Long Word
Force" and takes it into directions never before visited.
Looch has uncovered an original and unique principle that
allows performers to be able to divine specific details of
the thought of word without pumping. This is a perfect
example of modern mentalism at its best.

AREA has been built from the ground up into a small A6
pocket sized paperback. The book is a collection of short
stories that passes the inspection test. The attention to
detail is staggering, you would not suspect this book is a
purpose built mentalism prop.

The test is instantly repeatable and can be performed in a
variety of ways which eliminate any possible reverse
engineering. This is my best work to date!

The AREA Book test represents a genuine breakthrough in book
test methodology and is now a featured effect in my regular
Bob Cassidy

Looch's AREA Book test is brilliant. It takes classic
methods into new and uncharted territories, opening up
possibilities previously unavailable for Mentalists - highly
Larry Becker

Limited to 200 copies world wide

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