Coin of the Realm
Coin of the Realm
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Coin of the Realm

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“This is the story of four young English women who were seeking their
soul mates during the early part of the 20th century. They were fortunate.
They had access to a wise old gypsy woman, who promised to help them
in their search for love. The price? A mere coin of the realm, for one could
always get what they wanted, as long as they had a coin of the realm.”

This is really an Ace Assembly with no aces and a purpose. The
mechanics are familiar (to a large extent) to any ace assembly routine;
however, instead of playing cards, cards depicting young men and
women of the early 20th century, along with special cards that appear
where the assembled aces would normally collect, make for an
entertaining and ultimately frightening story.

Each young girl pays a coin of her realm for advice from an old gypsy
woman concerning which of her suitors she should choose, but instead of
answers, each of the young women disappears!
When the true identity of the gypsy woman is revealed, so, too, does the
required coin of the realm become known.

What you receive:
-Four English pennies from the early 20th century
-One packet of 17 hand-made and hand-waxed cards comprised of:
6 photos of men
3 photos of women
4 photos of ghostly women
3 blank-faced cards
1 double-faced card, with a gypsy woman on one side and the devil
on the other
-One velvet bag in which to carry the props
-One instruction booklet, printed on parchment-like paper, complete with
suggested patter