Carnival Dice
Carnival Dice
Carnival Dice
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Carnival Dice

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He was always fascinated with dice, so much so that his father brought
him a special die when returning from one of his business trips. The boy
kept the die in a box on the shelf in his bedroom.
Every year, his little town held a carnival, and in 1957, the 10-year-old boy
went to the carnival and decided to risk his entire allowance on a game of
dice called “Beat the Dealer.” He lost! His dad sent him home for the rest
of the weekend.

That night, he dreamed that after losing his money, he bet again and lost,
but had no money to pay his debt. The angry “Dealer” grabbed the boy
and took him off in a rusty old Volkswagen van to an abandoned building,
where he engaged the boy in a special game using the boy’s special die
and a die of his own. The “Dealer” placed the boy’s die secretly into its
box. The boy rolled the “Dealer’s” die. As long as the boy’s roll did not
match the number on the die inside the box, the boy would be safe. If,
however, the numbers on the two dice matched, the boy’s number would
be up, if you know what I mean (and I think you do). Three safe rolls would
spare the boy’s life.

Twice, the boy made safe rolls. On the third roll, the “Dealer” was about to
reveal the number inside the box when the boy was awakened by his
mother’s call to breakfast. Shaken by the nightmare, the boy wondered
which number was up in the real die in the box on the shelf. When he took
the box down and opened it, he was shocked by what he found therein.
And so shall you be!

What you receive:
- One walnut box
- One small gaffed die
- One large die with protruding skull
- One Volkswagen emblem
- One instruction booklet printed on parchment-like paper