Calaveras Expansion Packs

$ 55.00

These five Calaveras expansion cards are designed to give you the ability to:

1)    Perform the standard Calaveras routine with different endings, so you can use the deck more than once for the same group (i.e. for table hopping at an event, at a private party, etc.)

2)    Add cards with more positive meanings to make your readings less “dark”. You can add them all in to make a larger deck or swap out individual cards as needed.  This is for those who use the cards strictly for readings.

3)    A combination of the above – many Calaveras users combine the “trick” with a short reading, ending with the positive “guardian” card.  By swapping in other positive cards you can do repeat performances for multiple people in the same group, each time with a different result.

 Thanks to Professor Slim King of Orlando for the idea for these expansion cards.  Slim uses the Calaveras almost entirely for readings, and does them for groups of people who can talk to each other and compare notes after the reading.  So, he wanted to be able to force a different card with each reading.  We discussed having a more positive set of cards in addition to the darker themed cards in the original Calaveras set.  Slim wanted these to be slightly wider, as is the Guardian card in the original set, so that he could cut to whichever card he was forcing with ease (see Calaveras manual for details).  Slim play-tested these cards with great success for the better part of a year before we made up the formal expansion sets.

Only recommended for owners of the original Calaveras sets.

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