Houdini Switch Box

$ 100.00


The Houdini Box is both a stand alone effect and utility prop. The box was designed to illustrate the story of  Harry Houdini, as well as enhance the well-known Locked Deck effect, in which a card escapes from a “locked” deck, only to appear somewhere else, in this case back in the previously empty Houdini box. The use of the images on the box to help tell the story both enhances the effect and makes the turnover  psychologically invisible. I built the box for myself a few years ago, after acquiring the Houdini Deck, a version of the effect using miniature handcuffs. I really like how the box meshed story, effect and handling, but the Houdini Deck effect was at that time unavailable, so I never made any more. 
The Houdini Deck is available once again, and is included, along with the full routine using the box. The unfinished craft boxes I used for this, on the other hand, are no longer available, so these are a very limited edition of six. I had six of these boxes left and believe this is their best possible use.

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