Arabian Nights

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“You may tell a tale that takes up residence in someone's soul, becomes their blood and self and purpose. That tale will move them and drive them and who knows that they might do because of it, because of your words. That is your role, your gift.”

Erin Morgenstern


Across distant lands the sands of time have blown, whispers of ancient tales carried on the tongues of Bedouin bards.

Beneath the desert Moon, a teller of wonders enchants his audience - tales of heroes questing for magical treasure, of dark Jinn trapped inside copper urns, of flying fairy-steeds and monsters of the deep. All ears alert to the words that create mystic visions; and weave complex tapestries of meaning from the oldest of Gods.


Stories are eternal. Stories and visions are the language of the unconscious and a portal to the world of authentic magic. There is no higher form of magic than the art performed by a skilled teller of tales.


The Arabian Nights is a piece of pure storytelling magic with which to enchant and transform your audience.

Drawing from the oral tradition of storytelling, we produce a 'Book of Tongues' a set of thirty five illustrations that the skilled mage can use to improvise countless allegorical stories. A set of time-worn scrolls containing fragments of ancient verse and curious symbolism. A battered and aged old box, where the seeker of mystery discovered these magical items, and even Aladdin's own lamp!


The Alchemy Moon Collective's aim is to provide the true Mage with all of the tools he needs to explore and perform storytelling magic.

The 'Book of Tongues' is divided into two packs of images. The first pack yields a solid performance piece. One where the mechanics are very simple - allowing the mage to focus on the true magic of telling his allegorical story. The second pack is a playground for ideas and numerous routines.


In the main routine, the storyteller hands the 'Book of Tongues' to a member of the audience (so that she may connect with the ancient magic that it contains). His eyes roll back as he tells the tale he receives. When the old gods speak, they conceal their meaning in magical allegory, and the words resonate with the audience.

The 'Listener' on stage selects a number of images from the 'Book of Tongues' and they are revealed to perfectly illustrate the story told. At the end of this story it is revealed that the person on stage is the true hero of this tale and it's allegory resonates with her own destiny. A wish is made for future well-being and the final card is turned to show a magical lamp - surely the entrapped Jinn will now grant this wish? Seeking further insight, one of a number of old scrolls is chosen from the battered box. It too mirrors the tale just told, but in a strange fragmented verse and allegorical meaning. Finally, the box is opened and the scrolls returned, but not before the Listener sees the very lamp depicted on the final card materialise as a real object; one containing her very wish.


The whole package is completed with an extensive book (just shy of 200 pages) where the main routine is described in a simple fashion (so that the impatient mage can perform the routine almost immediately). This is followed by thorough notes on the art of storytelling in a performance context, as well as other related topics. The book also goes into far more depth regarding the main routine and what can be achieve to turn a simple performance into a piece of magical theatre. The second half of

the book deals with the second half of the deck of images - explaining their meaning and how they work. The structure of the deck is explained, so that the creative mage can forge his or her own routines. This is then followed by numerous example routines that can be performed right away.


On the surface we have a simple, but effective routine that opens up to a virtual treasure trove of magical ideas and mystery performance.


Transport your audience to the magical world of ancient Arabia and spellbind them with fantastic stories and allegorical tales from the ancient oral tradition of the shamanistic bard. Preserve these old tales and treasure them... for without them we loose our understanding of who we are.


You get:
A set of 60 hand made and aged Arabian Nights picture cards (plus a couple of extras) in an aged cardboard card box
A two-sided, quilted performance mat
A brass lamp
13 aged scrolls with an aged muslin wrap
An old wooden box to hold everything
A signed and numbered COA
A 180+ page instruction/performance manual, perfect bound (note: book in the photos is set dressing only and not the manual)"

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