Alchemist Square

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The Alchemist brings forth a well-worn box that has accompanied him for many years. He asks the person before him if she is aware of the mathematical relationships between the subtle energies that govern her fate.
On hearing that she does not, he opens the box, and with great ceremony, lays out its contents.
“Perhaps it is time for you to know?”
The Alchemist Square is a re visioning of the old ‘Magic Square’. Gone are all of the tedious demonstrations of mathematical supremacy (believe me, your audience do not thank you for this). In its place, an awakening of ideas from the renaissance of hermetical thinking, and true magick.
The Mage hands the Sitter (person he is performing for) a curious card upon which is a magical grid. He tells her that he can codify this information into a series of numbers to fill the grid and thereby to give her some understanding of herself.
What is more, if the square is ‘magically activated’ it can be used as a talisman; a lucky charm that works.
He informs her that she, like all beings, has a unique ‘soul number’ that is given to her by the positioning of the heavenly bodies at the moment of her birth. From the date of her birth (or any other information) this number is divined.
The Mage then asks her to hold out her hand, cupping it in his, he reads her energy fields. He asks her if she can feel this energy flowing between them, she says that she can and her paradigm is expanded. Using the information for the energy field, the Mage records a series of numbers in the grid. Telling her the meaning of each frequency of vibration and relevance to her life.
Curiously, each of the lines, diagonally and other combinations of the Magick Square’s grid all add up to the same number; her pre-divined ‘Soul Number’.
The Mage then consults an old ‘Fortune telling Book’, although it looks a commonplace item from the not too distant past, the Mage tells her that he has found it to be both accurate and profound in its meaning. He reads out the entry for her ‘Soul Number’, amazingly, it both its her character and current concerns, it also forms a pathway to her optimum future life.
The Mage, purse in hand then asks her if she would like to learn his craft and (for a nominal fee) purchase the very book of fortunes that he prizes so much.
What you Get
  • A Hard-back book of the central routine, notes and variations.
  • A pdf, quick-start guide to get you up an running straight away.
  • A softback ‘Fortune Telling book’ (which is a system in its own right)
  • A vast array of useful resource files including the cards themselves and the Fortune telling book - with full rights to print off as many copies as you need for ‘back-room sales’
  • A set of pre-printed cards, so you can run the routine ‘out of the box’.
    A crib-sheet mounted on wood and on a wooden easel. (Useful as a point of focus in a reading).
  • A rather handy authentic Moonskin Notepad/Imp-device - for those who want a little more detail in their reading.
  • All contained in a hand aged, rather handsome wooden box.

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