A Pocket Full of Phantasms

A Pocket Full of Phantasms

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A Pocket Full of Phantasms
by Mark Strivings

Like nothing you've ever experienced before!

This is a miniature séance, a séance that you carry in your shirt pocket!

Using nothing more than a few business cards and a pencil, you can bring the your intimate audience up close and very personal with the spirits.

    The spirits answer your questions.

    The spirits leave you with a materialized token of their visit.

    The spirits commune with other spirits.

    The spirits leave a sweet taste in your mouth (literally!)

    The spirits knock on the table.

    And you, along with your audience, get to be a witness.

This is a complete spirit séance that you can carry in your shirt pocket.

Keep in mind that all of this happens with nothing other than what is seen in your hands. There are no hidden gimmicks or gaffs, nothing to carry other than the single unit of business cards and pencil used in this séance.

This entire séance is beyond merely simple to perform. You can concentrate entirely on your performance as medium.

There is no secret writing, yet the spirits produce writing, answering your sitters questions.

But there's more…

If you've got a Sight Unseen Case you've got even more options! Use your own business cards, your SUC and a pencil and you've got a full-blown visit with the spirits that you can do literally just about anywhere. (Contact me for more info about the Sight Unseen Case).

If you are a bizarre magickian or spirit performer this miniature séance is the perfect companion to your SUC. But be advised, the SUC is not required to perform this séance. Complete instruction on how to do this with just a stack of business cards and a pencil is included, and it's killer! But if you've got an SUC you owe it to yourself to check out the possibilities that this amazing miniature séance presents to you.

This is an important addition to the Sight Unseen Case lexicon of materials and one that you need in your library. It’s all fully described in well over 50 pages, comb bound in card covers.

"This is exactly what I've been looking for for those close up sets that I do before my 'Mystery Collection' shows. It's perfect. I love it!" - Paul Noffsinger, The Mystery Collection