Gentlemen, received my Busker sates yesterday and all I can say is WOW!!!!!  They are absolutely gorgeous!!! Marc you've really knocked it out of the park with these.  The attention to detail is stunning!  They really do look creepy (like from an old schoolhouse).  I also love you ideas about using the twine to flip it over casually.  And the idea of smearing the whole slate with a chalk dusting while leaving the middle rubbed off for the writing is fantastic!  Way more justified than simply having plain writing on a clean slate.

Anyways, I must admit that when I placed the order for these (as I was looking for a while to get a good set of slates), I was a bit hesitant thinking that I had just spent that much cash on a few slates.  But after seeing these beauties in real life, I couldn't be happier with my decision and would've paid twice as much. 

Brian via email

I had the great pleasure of watching The Unrest come together as Vic went from 'brilliant moment of inspiration' to (months later) the prototype pieces and ultimately to ECSSII and the unveiling.

I am the burstingly proud owner of an Artist's Proof of this stellar effect and, although I very seldom perform work not my own, The Unrest is right up my street and will be a regular in my rota of performance pieces. Simple, clean (squeaky), logical, well-made, visually inviting, emotionally compelling, and extremely effective--what more could a bizarrist desire?




I was fortunate enough to procur the last one that Vic had at ECSS II (#4)! I am very excited to own this and I believe anyone that views this masterpiece relic will decide it's a must have for any story-telling piece of theatre! 

- Rob S


"Wonderfully clever" and "delightfully aged for that perfect authentic look.  It will be a marvelous addition to our "Cabinet of Curiosities" performances."

The Coustier Family - Product - Whitechapel Case File.



"WOW! Absolutely a beautiful piece.

So authentic, and so accessible. There are a LOT of possibilities here."

Dennis P.



"When I received Ipswich earlier this week I fell in love with it immediately. You've done a fine job with these books, they really are superb. Masterful aging process. While holding this book it was obvious I laid hands on a piece of real ART that was as functional as it was beautiful."

Jerome F.



"Lillian just arrived. Amazing, beautiful, tragic and glorious."

Ben Harris



"Received mine- and it is a work of art. The aging is absolutely spot on, it truly looks and feels like a lost book from that time period should. The workings are devious, and the entries are creepy to say the least. I'm going to weave this story into a full blown séance."

The Magic Cafe



"The working behind this book are genius people & might not realize that unless they sit down with Lillian and you begin to understand how she is structured and see how you can lead the spectator to a multitude of Hit's and even using multiple spectators if you wish during the presentation. It is a "book test" that reads 'new life' into old concepts that are original and ground breaking. She is a Marvel to behold and touch and changes the rules by incorporating a dodge so clever you will have wondered why you didn't think of it yourself."

Kurt P.



"I performed it for the first time the other night and I am still in utter disbelief at how strong it played. Pardon me if I sound prideful, that is far from the case, nor I am trying to tell anyone how they should perform this great piece of art, but after three days I am still amped and stoked about the performance! I have been performing professionally full time now for 4 years and this is one of my greatest performances ever! I book my own shows in theaters and perform at house parties and this was one of the latter.

I just have to tell someone who knows the inner workings of this gem about how magnificent it truly is!

I have included the Departed -Outlaw's single greatest piece of work - but I have also just added a K II EMF detector, the same EMF detector that Grant and Jason use on Ghost Hunters. And it rocks Lillian. The creepy factor, on a scale of 1-10 is 25.


After I set the ambiance, weave the story, get everyone settled in for a good ghost story and séance and start investigating the diary. I key up Departed, the bell slightly shakes and the K II starts registering. OH MY GOODNESS, it was freaking insane at that point! I had to stop and calm people down. When all was quiet and we started to progress, I had the meter go off a second time and people started gasping. Then a few minutes later the bell rang and the meter pegged indicating Lillian was present. When we got stuck on a date and asked for Lillian’s guidance nothing happened. The K II would register a small hit, as it will do naturally, but nothing big and the bell remains still and silent. Then the musket ball and the meter registered and the ball swung and tapped. Then comes the … “I feel a male presence,” to which one of the participants asked, very nervously, is this William. Then, after a moment of appropriate silence, the K II pegs out and the ball knocked three times and people broke the circle, refusing to return and at that point the séance was officially over."

Scott M.



"Just got the Diary and have barely had time to read the booklet of suggestions. I have been into Magic for over thirty years and I can honestly say -for the first time -that Vic and Rick have come up with an absolutely unique project. Wow!! These boys actually give their customers credit for being performers of the bizarre. There is no limit to personalization of Lillian's Diary. This is not a cookie cutter effect that another performer watching a presentation will view with a knowing grin. It is haunting and when you read Vic's introduction, there will be goosebumps. Lillian has the potential to be the most incredible thing I own, but that will be my responsibility. I am confident enough to believe in my abilities and imagination as I keep perking with thoughts. If you are an aficionado of the genre, thie mos grist for the mill."

C. Lapore



"Ipswich isn't just a book’s so much more than that"

Dr. Dan



"My leather Ipswich arrived the other day along with my Whitechapel case file. I love this piece: the premise, the method and the craftsmanship. – Joe L. I just got this and it really is a winner. As with many of Vic's effects there is ample room and opportunity for the performer to make it as personal as they would like...limit appears to be the creative ability of the performer. Vic does provide three very interesting presentations for the effect and I have selected one that I favor to expand upon. The effect itself is involved with a Jack the Ripper theme, and Vic provides a good background of the Jack the Ripper storyline. The props are top notch and basic performance is simple. I hate effects which advertise no sleights then proceed to explain that you need to do a double lift or some other "technique". No technique required. Props do the work and as you would expect the props (and there are many) are top-notch. It is an investment effect but does provide excellent value for cost.


I received my new / old Whitechapel props and effects today...and wanted to thank Vic for a set of class A, top-of-the-line props. The effects are are very well thought out and include plenty of audience participation. My purpose for getting this item is because like some of you...I'm putting together a séance based upon the Ripper legacy.

Those of you who may be even considering either a séance or would like to just present an effect or two based upon the Ripper storylines...then Whitechapel would be a perfect item to begin with. You really must see and hold the props in your hand to appreciate the quality and versatility of the Whitechapel props and effects.

Thanks Again Vic...Outstanding"

Dr. Dan



"Thank you,Vic! I purchased the case file as a 'curious addition' to my presentation of Paul Voodini's Jack the Ripper Séance and got much more than I bargained for. The routines provided are excellent but there's so much more that you can do with these props. I think of it as my Jack the Ripper Adventure Playset and the contents and case lend themselves to a lot of other effects. Quality workmanship, brilliant thinking... just what I have come to expect from Vic."

Joe L.