Welcome to Gemini Artifacts

Welcome to Gemini Artifacts, wanderer of the Shadowlands. You have found the portal to wonder and enchantment. At Gemini Artifacts we believe that magic is more than the end effect, more than the ‘hey presto’ of our grandfather’s generation. Magic is about taking your audience on a journey, delving into your spectator’s imagination and tapping the subconscious fears and hopes that have bound humankind since the dawn of human perception.

As a traveler in the twilit world of Gemini Artifacts, you can expect certain services and benefits that we believe to be unique in the world of mystery entertainment.

All domestic purchases include Tracking Numbers so you know exactly when your piece is mailed and how long it will take to reach you.

With Gemini Artifacts you also gain immediate access to downloadable manuals that allow you to begin learning methods and crafting your routines even before your purchase arrives. (When available)

You can expect to have unparalleled access to new effects (including the ability to read portions of certain instructions, performance manuals, and e-book offerings before purchasing them) that will give you a clear picture of what each Gemini Artifact offering actually offers and the skill level required to perform it. 

So, once again, welcome to the Shadowlands of Gemini Artifacts. Your journey begins in just a moment .

Gemini Artifacts is a proud member of the Bizarre Magic Dealers Alliance. .