Lewis Carroll Cubed

$ 75.00

Lewis Carroll was himself a conjurer who would no doubt have appreciated Color Vision for its simplicity and effectiveness. So it seemed only natural to create a Color Vision cube featuring characters from Carroll’s classic Alice stories. The cube appears to be a child’s plaything, perhaps fashioned by Carroll himself for his child friends. But like Carroll’s writings, the effect should appeal to those of all ages. It can be presented as a bit of mind reading, or a logic guessing game of the type Carroll himself was especially fond. The cube measures 2 inches square, making the images easy to see, but still small enough to perform anywhere. Both the cube and the box are made of solid wood, then aged to give them the antique appearance of a Victorian plaything. The prop includes handling and performance notes, as well as extensive annotations on the images themselves, so that this may be performed as a standalone effect or part of a larger Lewis Carroll presentation.

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