The Relic

$ 175.00

The Relic is a replica of a Royal Spanish Reale (1 ounce silver coin). It was minted in Lima Peru in the year 1756. These reale's are also known as silver cob's, doubloons, treasure coins and more commonly referred to as "shipwreck coins". The term "shipwreck coins" is widely used by sellers because these "doubloons" were for the most part all recovered from sunken vessels. Stamped with front and back dies, aged and distressed. It's about the size of a U.S. half dollar. This is not only a fantastic impromptu effect, it is a piece of fine jewelry that can and should be worn daily or on special occasions.

The size of a half dollar! About the size of the old English Penny! (thicker of course than an English Penny. There is a thin super magnet inside)

Only you will know that this is a replica!

It has a super N-50 magnetic disc inside.

It comes on a silver chain which does not react to the magnet, which is a cool subtlety.

The Relic is now configured to work with any PK ring.

The ring does need to be one full size larger than you normally wear.

Not only can you tell which hand the medallion is in... The killer kicker is you will be able to tell the spec which side of the coin will be face up, before they open their hand!

But.. you don't just say "it's heads or tails" you "describe" the symbols and images you're "seeing" in their closed hand, as if you are seeing the doubloon lying on their open palm!

Whichever side is face up when they open their hand will have the "images" (side of the coin) you "saw" and described.

The doubloon and chain can also be used as a pendulum.

The Relic is a piece that you can always have with you.

The Relic includes:

1.5" Aged Brass Relic encased in Silver Bezel. 

Sterling Silver necklace.

Canvas Bag

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