The Ravens Relic

$ 150.00

The Raven Relic is a piece that you can always have with you.

Hanging from a sterling silver necklace is one of Poe's most iconic pieces. The Raven. Encased in a sterling silver hand made bezel lies the Raven on one side and Death on the other. 

The necklace can be handed to a group of spectators. One within the group is chosen to secretly hold the relic in their closed fist. The performer turns to face the group and begins to slowly decipher who holds the Ravens Relic. No words spoken, no guesses taken. The performer slowly eliminates each of the spectators that does not hold the relic. In the end only one is left. The spectator opens their hand to reveal the relic. 



1 " Diameter Raven Relic - Poe/Death encased in Silver handmade Bezel. 

20 " Sterling Silver Chain


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